Let me thank you for electing to join the Singapore Chamber of Commerce Indonesia, Singcham for short. You are part of the privileged pioneering group that would form the core members of Singcham Indonesia.

At Singcham, our vision is to foster a business community that would enhance the value and ease of business collaboration between Singapore and Indonesia and other business communities.

To this end, we hope to create various forums, breakfast talks, and social events to allow members to network and better appreciate the opportunities available to expand their business horizon. In addition, we will gather information from expert professionals, trade journals, trade agencies, and government bodies to arm members with worthy market intelligences.

Our website, www.singchamindonesia.com will be constantly updated so that you can access the information and keep abreast of the happenings at Singcham Indonesia.

The chamber will strive to continuously provide value to our members. Nevertheless, to make Singcham an exciting chamber, your active participation and contribution would be key. We hope to see you at all our events. It would be even better if you can volunteer and be recognized by contributing your time and expertise to Singcham.

Let me welcome you once again and I look forward to get to know you personally in the coming events. Meanwhile if you have any inputs or feedback, do feel free to contact us at our web site.

Singapore Chamber of Commerce Indonesia