The Association of Bottled Drinking Water Companies (Aspadin) considers the Draft Law on Water Resources (SDA) to threaten business continuity as it still confuses social and economic functions.

Chairman of Aspadin Rachmat Hidayat revealed that in the last draft of Natural Resources Bill Article 51 paragraph 1, the government equates the social function of water to meet basic needs in this case the Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) with bottled drinking water products (AMDK). which is actually an economic product.

“Bottled water is not a social function. Is there anyone who bathe, drink, defecate using bottled water, “Rachmat told, Friday (20/7).

Furthermore, the bill also challenge the investors in terms of licensing. To utilize natural resources, they should include financial requirements, such as paying bank guarantees and setting aside at least 10 percent of the benefits for water conservation. In fact, so far the company has paid taxes.

Rachmat claimed to support the cooperation of entrepreneurs with the government and SOE / company in carrying out the social function of water. However, different things are related to economic function.

“For economic functions, it is certain that business activities require water, which is important to be regulated by the government so that social functions do not conflict with economic function,” he said.

Rachmat is also concerned with the implementation of Article 63 of the SDA Bill which prohibits industry to protect the water source used and should be open as widely as possible for others who want to take water directly from the same source.

The bottled water industry, continued Rachmat, mostly uses underground water through drilled wells. This is done for security reasons and compliance with quality standards from protected sources. In addition, this is also done so that the company does not interfere with people who daily use springs or other surface water.

“If the article applies, anyone who can take right from the borehole how we can protect the source,” he said.

So far, further Rachmat, industry representatives have not been included in the Public Hearing (RDPU) related to the discussion of Water Resources Bill in the House. In fact, all industries in Indonesia use water as part of the production process.

(Source: CNN Indonesia)