Eating out is no longer just for special occasions; it has become a way of life for Singaporeans, according to the latest Nielsen Out-of-Home Dining Survey.

According to the report, which included 202 respondents in Singapore in August, one in four people (24 per cent in 2018 compared to 19 per cent in 2015, when the last survey was held) eat out daily. More than half (55 per cent in 2018 vs 51 per cent in 2015) do so on a weekly basis.

Of the three meals, dinner (72 per cent in 2018 vs 78 per cent in 2015) is the most popular one to be eaten outside, followed by lunch (66 per cent in 2018 vs 58 per cent in 2015) and breakfast (15 per cent in 2018 vs 13 per cent in 2015).

It’s not just dishes that more Singaporeans are buying online; pre-portioned meal kits that help you prepare home-cooked meals are also more popular here than elsewhere in the world.

Compared to the global average of 33 per cent, 44 per cent of Singaporeans have visited restaurant delivery websites or meal-kit-delivery services online.