Drivers of app-based ride-hailing services are threatening to stage a protest during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games.

Two-Wheel Action Movement (Garda) leader Igun Wicaksono said the ojek (motorcycle taxi) drivers demanded an increase in the fare from Rp 1,200 (83 US cents) per kilometer to Rp 3,000, like when online ojek started to operate in the country in 2015.

Igun explained that the rally, dubbed Aksi 188 Ojek Online (online ojek action 188) in reference to the date of the Games’ opening, had been scheduled for Aug. 18 because one of the ride-hailing app companies was a main sponsor of the Asian Games.

“The app company is a sponsor for the Asian Games by extorting the drivers’ blood and tears,” he said, as quoted by

Igun said 20 percent was deducted from every transaction made by the drivers for various expenses, including income tax. However, the drivers were never shown any proof of the tax payment.

Igun said that was why the drivers alleged that the company was sponsored the Asian Games using the deducted funds.

(Source: The Jakarta Post)